April 2023 | Olympic View Elementary School

From the Desk of our Principal

"Nothing ever seems impossible in spring, you know."

L.M. Montgomery

Greetings Orca Families! I hope that spring break gave you an opportunity to spend time with those you love. Spring is a busy time at OVE! There is a lot of learning, growing, and many activities to come before the end of the year. There are a few events that I think are important to add to your calendar.

  • April 18, 2023 - Kindergarten Registration Support 9 - 12:00 and Kindergarten Parent Night 4:00 - 7:00 pm. This event is to help support families who will have a kindergartener in the 2023 - 2024 school year.
  • June 13, 2023 - Second Annual Color Run. This is a huge fundraiser for our Orca community and is a lot of fun. Please be on the lookout for more information.

We look forward to seeing families on campus in the coming months.

As always, please reach out with questions or if you need anything.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Lucero

Olympic View Support Staff

Karen Bell, Communications Secretary

Andra Shelly, Principal's Secretary

Tracy Ebersole, Attendance Secretary

Michael Howard, Student Support Specialist-Dean of Students

Carla Hurst, School Counselor

Sara Lucero, Principal

General Office Contact Information

Office contact number: 360-279-5150

Attendance: 360-279-5159

Office contact email: oveinfo@ohsd.net

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Intent Cards going home | 11 Apr.
  • PTA Meeting | 11 Apr. @ 4 pm
  • Intent Cards are due | 14 Apr.
  • Kinder Registration Support | 18 Apr @ 9am - Noon
  • Incoming 2023-24 School Year, Kindergarten Parent Night | 18 Apr @ 4 - 7 pm
  • Military Child Appreciation Spirit Week | 17 - 21 Apr.
  • Purple Up Day | 19 Apr.
  • PTA Bread Pantry | 20 Apr. @ 4 pm
  • Make A Plate Fundraiser Preorder | 19 - 26 Apr.
  • Make A Plate at OVE | 25 Apr. Free dinner 5-6 pm,
    Create Art 5:30 - 7:30
  • Art Walk | 27 Apr. - 1 May
  • PTA Giveback Friday | 28 Apr.


  • 2023 - 24 Enrollment Intent Cards - We are sending home the intent cards for next school year on Tuesday, 11 April. Please fill them out even if you aren't sure if you are moving or not, there is a "do not know" box. These are due on Friday, April 14, please send them back in with your students to OVE. We need all cards returned as these help us plan for next year.
  • If you are moving please let the office know in advance. There is paperwork and other items that need to be done before students' last days.
  • Please remember when exiting our parking lot that it is a right turn only. We do not want any of our families to receive a ticket.
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Character Strong: Courage

This month's focus is Courage. One way to think about Courage is "choosing what is helpful, right, and kind even when it is hard or scary."

Cold Wet Weather is Here!

April is the month where our weather here on the island changes constantly. Please remember to have your Orcas dress in layers. Mornings are often very cool and rain showers are more often and the afternoon can get quite warm some days. They spend a good deal of time outside for recess and fresh air. Some classes even have lessons outside and our Orca friends may need to be bundled up in the mornings or have a rain jacket with them. The weather is often unpredictable on Whidbey.


Our Art Walk downtown on Pioneer St. will be from April 27 - May 1. The reception for artists is on April 27 from 5 - 6:30 pm. Students with Artwork hanging up in the business windows will receive an invitation, but everyone is welcome to come.

Counselors Corner

Spring is in the air and with it, I am super excited to announce our plans for Month of the Military Child! Our activities for the month of April are meant to celebrate and show support for our students in military families and are inclusive and educational for all students. Please help us by taking part in some of our fun programs!

Did you know that PURPLE is the color that symbolizes all branches of the military? All students are invited to take part in our Purple Up Fridays! On Wednesday, April 19, all students are invited to wear purple clothing and we will be having a big 'Greet the Students' at the front of the school as a way to show support for our military kids. During the week of April 17 - 21, we will be hosting our very own Spirit Week! All students are invited to take part in the fun clothing themes we have planned for that week. Details are included in the flyer. Throughout the month, we will have banners, signs, and student artwork posted around the school and in the front entryway - feel free to take a look if you’re inside the front area! We will also have Special Announcements so all students will have the chance to learn some fun trivia and facts about military families.
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Annual Egg Drop Challenge Day!

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Tips to reduce spring allergy symptoms

Seasonal allergies, also called hay fever, are among the most common allergies in the United States. Hay fever results from an allergic reaction to pollen. Depending on the type of pollen your child is allergic to, he or she may only be affected at certain times of the year.

What causes allergies in the spring?

Tree pollen is a common trigger of spring allergy symptoms. Allergens can vary by region, but the trees responsible for many spring allergies include ash, birch, elm, pine, oak, pecan, hickory, poplar, and walnut trees. For instance, a child with a birch pollen allergy will have increased symptoms in the spring when birch trees are in bloom. Other allergies will peak during different seasons. Kids with grass allergies will be hit hardest during summer and those with ragweed allergies will suffer most in the fall.

What are the symptoms of spring allergies?

Signs children have spring allergies include:

  • Congestion or sinus pressure
  • Runny nose or irritated nasal passages
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Scratchy or sore throat
  • Cough
  • Swollen, bluish-colored skin beneath the eyes
  • Reduced sense of taste or smell

Spring allergies may be just an annoyance for a child with mild symptoms. However, severe pollen allergies can affect kids' schoolwork and prevent them from playing outdoors. Symptoms of hay fever usually diminish as children age. The best way to prevent allergy symptoms is to avoid the allergen, but at certain times of the year, that may be difficult.

How to help a child with spring allergies

  • Keep your child indoors on days that are both dry and windy
  • Don't ask your child to do yard work or other outdoor chores during peak spring allergy season
  • Remove and wash clothing that your child has worn outside
  • Have your child shower or bathe when coming in from outside
  • Keep doors and windows closed when pollen counts are high ( check your local weather) and use air conditioning to keep your car and home cool
  • Buy a portable high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) or dehumidifier or both to combat dust mites by vacuuming your home often (using a machine with a HEPA filter)
  • See an allergist for medical advice, to be properly diagnosed, and discuss allergic triggers

These tips can help reduce children's seasonal allergies year-round. See an infographic for more tips to fight seasonal allergies.

What is the best spring allergy medicine?

Because spring allergies are common, there are many medications available to treat allergy symptoms. If high pollen counts are in the forecast, ask your physician if you should start giving your child allergy medications before symptoms begin. Medications to treat hay fever symptoms include:

  • Antihistamines, such as Benadryl or Claritin
  • Decongestants including Afrin and Sudafed
  • Combination antihistamine and decongestant medications like Actifed or Claritin-D

Nasal irrigation with a squeeze bottle can help flush pollens from your child's nose as well. Eye drops may help ease eye irritation.

Fort Day in Mrs. Haight's Class

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