Tuskegee Experiment

Emma Engelby

The Tuskegee Experiment was unethical. The patients were misled. They were told they were being treated for bad blood. Researchers failed to treat patients with a known cure penicillin.

The men involved in the study were given free meals, medical exams, and burial insurance. They did not receive the right treatment to cure their illness. The study was supposed to last for 6 months but lasted 40 years. They failed to share all their knowledge with the patients. Researchers did not give informed consent and did not minimize harm in their studies.

The researchers study was on untreated Syphilis in Back men.

The Tuskegee Experiment is arguably the most infamous biomedical research study in U.S. history.

An experiment like this would not be allowed today. The researchers violated to two main ethical standards, minimized harm and informed consent.


The result of this experiment led to federal laws and regulations requiring the IRB. This was for the protection of humans in studies like this one. Many participants, their wives, and their children died from this.