Learn a lot about my country, Nigeria


Nigeria contains the fourth biggest city in the world, Lagos. It is one of Nigeria's major seaports along with Calabar ,and Port Harcourt. This country also is one of the major oil producers.

My Ancestors

My ancestors are from Anambra State's capital, Awka. My paternal grandfather was a blacksmith. Awka is known for its blacksmith crafts. My maternal grandfather was a buisnessman . He lived in the city of Onitsha which has the biggest in marketing (buisness) in West Africa.


Nigeria's currency is called Naira . It is worth less than dollars. You can still use it in the country . 1,000,000, Naira is about 8,000 dollars


Nigeria's goverment is a Democracy. The current President is Goodluck Johnson. There are 3 branhes: Senate, Legislative and Exucutive . It is similiar to America.


Nigeria was under the rule of Britian. They gain there independence in 1960 with no blood shed. The flag's colors are green and white. The green stands for rich veggitations and white for peace.