Frida Kahlo

Lea Balcerzak

Life and Inspirations

  • Kahlo lived her life dedicated to her country. She even changed her date of birth to coincide with a significant date of Mexico. Wherever she traveled, whatever works she created, Frida Kahlo identified herself with her homeland and showed her pride in her works.
  • She was a revolutionary artist which coincided with her birth during the midst of a bloody revolution in Mexico.
  • As an artist, Frida Kahlo was extremely loyal to her roots and upbringing. She would always dress in traditional Tehuana costumes, a way in which she depicted herself in many of her works.
  • Troubled and at the same time intrigues by the complexity of her daily life with her husband, Diego Rivera, many say it is impossible to categorize Kahlo's works with one word as many pieces throughout history, are.
  • Possibly one of the most significant influences on Kahlo's dark work was the accident she suffered a a a child which left her in pain for most of her life which can clearly be seen in her mysterious and gloomy works.

Kahlo's Works and Style

  • The paintings, drawings, and sketches of Frida Kahlo are known as the diary of her life. Through her self portraits and still lives, Kahlo captured the emotions of her turbulent life.
  • Many call Kahlo's style as a form of personal folklore of painting.
  • Most of her pieces are dark self portraits, and many of them contain odd animals which either sit in Kahlo or frolic in the background.
  • Personally, Frida considered her work as a mixture of Mexican folklore, symbolism, realists, and surrealism.
  • She is best known for her oil paintings, though she did also complete many sketches, frescos, ink and pencil on paper, and watercolor pieces.
  • In her works, Frida loved to portray her unibrow and mustache.