~Hurricanes Are ShOoK!1!1!~

Emma Magri & Amilianna Rodriguez

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a natural disaster that forms when the water of the ocean is a certain temperature and the wind speed is 39-73 mph.

Hurricanes are caused by weather. They are the most largest and powerful storms on earth.

Impacts on the environment ~

1. Knocks down trees

2. floods animals habitat

3. oil spills

Impacts on humans~

1.homes get flooded

2. cars get in wrecks

3. can kill people


More triggering facts about hurricanes

1. Have a house that is on stilts [off the ground]

2. have windows that lock and are solid

3. Have plenty of food and water in your house

4. Have candles on hand

5. Make sure you put your cars in the garage

Common locations of this catostraphy~

On/ Near the beach, or any locations near the coast.