Oppressed Voices

By Steven Bollinger

Increased Violence Against Gay People

-16% of hate crimes are targeting gay people

-From 2007-2008 sexual orientation based hate crimes had doubled

-75% of these crimes were violent

-85% of victims were male

-75% of these crimes go unreported

No matter what percentage of hate crime exists, it's still too high. In the ideal world there would be no hate crime what so ever. Here we see that it is the gay people that are being oppressed and having their rights taken away from them, such as the right to get married in many parts of the world.

General Hate Crimes in Canada

-The rest of the hate crime spectrum includes crimes motivated by race, ethnicity, and religion

-Hate crime against Jewish people rose 71% from 2008-2011

-More than half of hate crimes involve mischief and vandalism

-205 hate crimes against blacks in 2008

-South asians are the second most discriminated against group after blacks (Pakistanis)

-30 hate crimes against catholic faith

-26 hate crimes against muslim faith

As well as in The Kite Runner, In our world there are examples of oppression that are very similar to that of the one in The Kite Runner, but probably more a little more relatable to most people in Canada. For example, we hear about black hate crimes all the time in the news, like Freddie Gray dying in custody about a month ago.

Hazara's Being Oppressed

In The Kite Runner, it is obvious that the Hazaras are the ethnic group that are being oppressed, but what isn't obvious is that not all non Hazaras agree with these ways. In this novel, there are a few characters that want to go against the convention of oppressing the Hazaras, but have to do it in secrecy because it is shameful and embarrassing to associate yourself with them.