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January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great low key Christmas and stayed close to home! It was nice to relax and just soak up time with the family! I honestly can not believe another year has gone by and it is really 2016!

This time of year can be tough, Holiday BUZZ has come and gone. Christmas decorations are being put away... and it seems like quite a long time until spring! What a great time to enjoy your essential oils! Essential Oils are amazing at supporting healthy emotions and mood management. Skip the winter blues and use your oils!


Welcome new dōTERRA Wellness Advocates! Whoever introduced you to essential oils will be educating you and mentoring you as you start this journey and embark into the world of Essential Oils. If for whatever reason you are unable to reach them for your questions... We are here! We have an amazing supportive team that will be able to answer all your questions! Please contact me at anytime for any reason and I will make sure you get connected!
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Get Fit !

Get fit for the new year!

Slim & Sassy products can...

Help support healthy metabolism

Fight hunger cravings

Tone and firm skin

Weight management

Motivate and uplift your mood

Team Updates & Announcements!

We have had a great last couple months! I would like to take time to give some team updates and announcements! I am humbled and blessed to be on a team with you! Here is how amazing you all are ...
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Haines Healthy Living

I hope the rest of January is fantastic for you! I look forward to seeing you share, hearing your oil stores and to see many of you at upcoming classes this month.