Welcome to Holy Angels School

Change the World

One of the questions we ask in our interview process for new teachers is, “Who most influenced you to become an educator?” The standard answers are: “my mom, my dad, my grandmother, my 6th grade teacher,” and so on. But the best response we ever got was, “I wish I could say it was a teacher, but the truth is it wasn’t. You see, I’m currently serving in the Army Reserves, and in my thirteen years of service, I have been stationed places in this world that no one ever wants to go. I’ve served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and what I’ve come to realize is that the reason why we are there is because of a lack of education. The common people simply do not have the knowledge and education to know who they should be listening to; who they should be following. So they follow these despicable leaders who promise them everything but really have their own agendas and probably don’t really know what to do to make their countries better. From those experiences, I decided that I wanted to make sure that this never happened here in America. I want to be a change agent so that the next generation learns what it means to be free.”

When reflecting on this idea of being a change agent, what I came to realize is that the goal of our school (even though it’s a lofty one) is to change the world! We have these amazing kids that parents have given us to mold, to motivate, to teach; these amazing kids who are the future. What an awesome role we get to play in their lives! We get to teach them who it is that they really should be listening to and who they should be following. Working with parents, we teach them to listen to Jesus and to follow Him - the one true leader who does have all the answers to making life better.

So enjoy this sneak peak into what we do here and thank you for choosing Catholic education for your children. Above all, thank you for the gift of your children.