Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

by Cassidy Cardinal


The book that I read was Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book is about a woman who tried to reinvent herself. She went from having a great life to being divorced and highly depressed. She found a new relationship that showed her what a spiritual leader was. She then decided that she wanted to travel the world. She went to Italy, India, and Indonesia.


The authors purpose of this book was to show you that you can change your life or reinvent yourself. This book showed me that you could start from the bottom and work your way back up. You can always start new, but it won't always come easy. You always have to work for what you want. A lot of how you think of life is what your personality is. You have to stay positive.


A. Struggle

B. Depression



The rating i chose was 4. The reason i chose 4 is because this book really taught me a lot about how to reinvent yourself. I think anyone could read this book but it does seem to be towards women. The reason i say this is because it's from a women's point of view.

greatest impression

The chapter that I chose was chapter 33. Chapter 33 is when Elizabeth and Giulio are talking about what their word is. What they mean by word is choosing a word that describes you in a way that people see you as. This was a big impression because it really got me thinking of what my word was and how it would relate to me. I still haven't figured it out yet but I am always thinking.


1. Page 17


2. Page 32-33

Letter to God


Something that surprised me in this book was when i was reading it was right at the beginning of the book. This was when Elizabeth told her husband that he could take anything they had as long as he didn't bring the divorce to court. I was really surprised because that usually isn't what happens. Divorces usually come with some fighting but this one, she gave him all the power. She let him decide who got what. But by the middle of the first section, he signed the papers and she finally got to go on her world tour.