The Greek God of the Sun

Presentation by Jaylon Clair

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What was Apollo's role?

Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. Apollo's job was to get on his horse drawn chariot and push the sun across the sky. Apollo had many other talents or niches as well like some of his strengths was he could heal the weak; was a master musician; and was a great archer. Some of his weaknesses are he would flirt a lot with nymphs and would get in trouble also he can get mad very easily if he was provoked.

Basic information about Apollo.

Apollo's symbols would be the sun or his silver bow that he usually has. He is also depicted with a Lyre which is a stringed instrument that is in a U like shape. He has many siblings such as Athena, Aphrodite, Mercury etc. Apollo had a twin sister named Artemis who is also a skilled archer.

Interesting Facts about him.

Apollo is the ideal kuros which basically means he has a young no beard not much hair youthful looking appearance. Apollo is also associated with healing and medicine but he could also bring ill-health and deadly plague.


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