by devin jones

Plato's traits

  • desire to belong: He see Jim and Judy as his pretend family.
  • Troubled: Put in jail for killing puppies.

Main problems or challenges

Plato's main problem is dealing with the abandonment by his parents. His Dad walked out on him. His mother is around just doesn't pay any attention to him. For example when neither of his parents was around when it was his birth day.

One of the symbols

One of the symbols in the movie "Rebel with out a cause" is platos mismatched socks. These mismatched symbolize the confusion Plato has in his life. when thing don't go the way he wants them to he acts out violently.


A main lesson from rebel without a cause is he is confused


A question that the group has, is why did he just deiced to shoot the bully without making him leave. Or just asking to just stop where he is.

Changed or learned

He didn't change or learn anything. He didn't change because he was always chasing an imaginary family. He also didn't learn anything because ended up dying.