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Mrs. Southwick's 4th Graders

Readers are Leaders!

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We are wrapping up "I Love to Read" month with lots of reading in the next 11 days! Be sure to fill out your reading log and turn it in on Friday for a chance to win a book and possibly be selected to participate in the closing assembly. There are so many advantages to reading!

Language Arts on the Loose

Students took a reading practice test the past couple of days, which we reviewed together. They are now experts in their uniqueness as the topic of the story was all about heredity, and discussed recessive and dominant genes. Whew! It was a super tough passage, but we really focused on how important it is to break things down and not give up! I think they came out of the activity with a fresh perspective!

Next week, we will continue to look at various strategies that help us while reading, and we will work more on vocabulary, including the "ultra-important" Latin and Greek roots! We will be diving into some reading selections and student groups are also working on writing their porquoi tales and creating shadow puppets. They are excited!

We are also going to be diving into some poetry activities.

Leprechauns on the Loose

The kids made a concerted effort to catch the mischievous little leprechaun! There were pulleys and rainbows, mazes and playlands, honey and shiny coins, and so much creativity! The kids were beaming as they shared (over & over) their plan of how to trap the leprechaun. Although the efforts were great, we didn't manage to catch him. He left a glitter trail and swiped some treats, but managed to slip away. He did leave us a note about his adventure (see below)! Maybe someone will catch him next year...
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What's Up in Class

Math Minute

This week we worked on reviewing all terms associated with probability. I introduced how to find probabilities for events when all the possible outcomes are equally likely. Students worked on terms such as; certain, very likely, likely, 50-50 chance, unlikely, as well as many others.

Students were also introduced to adding and subtracting fractions. We practiced adding and subtracting fractions with and without common denominators. To add/sub fractions with unlike denominators we used the Butterfly Method. The kids get the steps with this method and mainly have to focus on the simplifying of the fraction at the end of the problem.

We will be testing on Monday and then moving on to unit 8 and also beginning reviewing for MCA Math Tests.

A Slice of Science

This past week in Science, J-team classes were introduced to the water cycle. The five parts that we have learned about are condensation, precipitation, evaporation, storage, and the sun. Students have made a flip book of the water cycle and also a labeled illustration. There are many sites, interactive activities, and games on my web site (under educational links) that the students do in class that can also be accessed at home. Next week, students will continue on the water cycle and begin to see how the water cycle is a huge part of the weather.

Social Studies Snapshot

This week we completed the winter season in our story, having learned about many of the hardships the Ojibwe faced in the long, cold MN winter. As we look ahead to our spring, we will be able to make many text-to-self connections as we compare the experiences of the Ojibwe with our own. The grandmother in the story told a neat story about how the Earth was made by Nanobhozo, the comical spiritual leader of the tribe, and the small muskrat. Ask your child to summarize the story and highlight the theme, or message. We ended the week with a really fun, interactive review game using the ipads. It was fun for the students to see how much they remembered from the story.

Next week, we will continue reading and begin reviewing the last region of the states...the wild, wild west. Students will make study cards in class, and the final test will be at the end of April. Looking ahead, our next topic of study will be economics.

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Three names were drawn for students to be able to try on the authentic jingle dresses which Mrs. Southwick brought in for our class to see. We have read about these dresses many times in our novel study. The sound it makes is so beautiful!

IXL Challenge Lunch Bunch

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Don't forget to study the strands for this week's challenge, which goes until Wednesday! Maybe you will be a part of next week's lunch bunch!

Challenge #3 (3/18-3/25):

F.4, U.10, W.4

F.4: http://www.ixl.com/math/grade-4/multi-step-word-problems

U.10: http://www.ixl.com/math/grade-4/convert-decimals-to-fractions-and-mixed-numbers

W.4: http://www.ixl.com/math/grade-4/interpret-charts-to-find-mean-median-mode-and-range

Aubrey's name was drawn to have "Pizza with the Principal"! Yum!

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Each week, two students from each class who have met the IXL challenge, will be drawn to "Picnic with the Principal"! Awesome! Everyone who works hard to reach this goal will receive a certificate and a small prize. Keep motivating for MATH!

Congratulations, Kloe & Zephyr!

Rollerblading Rocks!

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 25 - KoMet Pride Day - wear your K-M Pride gear!

Thursday, March 26 - Stripes & Dots Day (Wear anything with stripes or dots)

Friday, March 27 - Dress in your "Springy" Best Day -- It's Spring PICTURE DAY!

MCA Dates:

April 27 - May 1 4th Grade Math

April 13 - 17 4th Grade Reading

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New Beginnings...

We are super excited to be able to welcome a new friend into our classroom at the end of the month. Ashley will be joining our class! We can't wait!