Alexandra R.

Sister Student Daughter Forever Reader

About Myself

Well I live in northeast Nebraska and I am a students at a junior high. I have been going to a public school for a very long time. I have also never been in any other type of school.

I live in a neighborhood with my best friend. I have a twin sister and a younger brother. We live together with a mom and dad. My family is greatly involved in sports like soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, and track. We travel a lot due to sports and for family and friends. I like to play sports, read, watch TV, be on my I Pod, and hang out with my amazing friends.

I have moved once before, but I moved back to my birth town a couple of summers ago.

I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track.

My best friend and I use to dislike each other when we were younger, but now we are inseparable.