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festivals of the world by Breuilly, Elizabeth, Joanne O'Brien, Martin Palmer, and Martin E. Marty telling you about the thanksgiving tradi On page 64 it tell you how thanksgiving first came around and how the first diner was, and how they came to america all the authors have a degree in religion and culture each of the authors have written more than one book about religion or culture so they have had past experienced


Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays / Volume 4 was written by Sisung, Kelle the reason I picked this book is because it tells you the history of thanksgiving and how it came around with how they got to america

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This Thanksgiving, Listen To (And Interview) Your Elders, here is no specific author but from gale student resources, and has facts and stories that were in other magazines and biographies.


The Thanksgiving Feast from scholastic. scholastic is a worldwide publisher that does a lot with schools like book fairs and will donate to organizations for kids that need books and one thing they stand in is building knowledge