Chris McCandless's Jornal Entries

Created by: Zak Abbasi, Jake Caspersen and Bry Sanchez

I left my Yellow Datsun in the desert!

Damn car batteries went dead, the only way to get it running again would be to notify some cops. No, all they would do is call my parents and ruin everything. Now that I look at it, the flash flood gives me an opportunity to drop the shit I don't need. The only way the car can't be traced back to me is if I remove the license plates. Burning all my money is the only way to completely free myself of all the worldly possessions and the grasp of society. I walk now with no care in the world, the only belongings I own are what I heave on my back.

Free at last,

Alexander Supertramp

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Tramping in South Dakota!

Some Vagabonds told me of a place called Saco hot springs. So, I’ve been tramping across the country to get there. A wonderful man, Wayne Westerberg drove me down the road and let me stay with him for a few days in his trailer. I even was greeted with a big feast from one of his friend’s wife! It was so filling, I passed out afterwards. Wayne told me about a little place called Carthage if I ever needed a job, so I ended up here sometime later. I love this village, It ain’t much, but it’s true. There’s no city lights or fake messages posted everywhere, just some friendly people with beer. Working for Wayne was great too, this job isn’t much. But, I needed some money to find those hot springs. Sadly, I have to get moving soon since he got cuffed for selling these little black boxes. Damn feds came outta nowhere and snatched him up but, i’ll write to him when I can. Till next time South Dakota!

Yours truly,

Alexander Supertramp

Hiking back to the desert

It’s been a little while since my last journal. I’m heading back into the desert. It was October when I arrived in Arizona. Although this place has place has malls and casinos everywhere, Bullhead City ain't too bad. I’m staying here for a couple of months, stop tramping for a little while till spring comes around. Who knows, maybe I'll finally settle down. But i've been drifting for a while now, without a place to stay. I even got a temp job flipping burgers, I gave them my real name and social security number. Really don't like all these rules and working regulations though.

Okay, who cares if I don’t have my socks on? My manager kept telling me to bathe more often. After that nonsense, I quit and got the hell outta there.

I've been mailing Jan Burres to see how's shes been and I have great news! Jan and Bob are outside the city, someplace out in the desert called the Slabs. Sounds like just the place for those two.

My time here has been fantastic, I suprised Jan when I got here and we've had a great time catching up since the last time we met almost two years ago. There's plenty of friendly figures around here, artists, hippes and weirdos alike. There's a sweet girl who sings every night and strums her guitar. We've grown close together, but I know she's been eyeing me. I feel like if I stay any longer, she may fall in love with me. So I've decided it's time to head on out, its been fun. But my odyessy awaits me in Alaska

The one and only,

Alexander Supertramp

Going abroad

At last I made it to the Morelos Dam at the Mexican border. The only problem is I burned all my identification. My journey can end right here if I don't play this right. I'll just go straight through the dams open floodgates and hope for the best. Who could expect someone sneaking into Mexico from America?

Just my luck! I got in without being noticed. If I can get through that, I can make it to Alaska. Time to get on with my journey hopefully there won't be anymore little annoyances.

Yours truly,

Alexander Supertramp

Salton City Siesta

I slowed down for some time in California. I'm camped out near this place Salton City. The other day I met some older fella named Ronald. He was kind enough to drive me down to my camp. We talked and really hit it off, he's great. He's been teaching me some crafting ticks, I'm even making my own belt! It's sad though, his family was killed a while back in an accident. He trys to hide his feelings but, behind the mask I know that he's troubled and I fear for him. This man's been couped up in his house doing nothing besides working with his leather for the last twenty years! I've been telling him that there's so much more to it than that. So much more than just keeping to yourself and living that humble lifestyle. God didn't make us for just human interaction! No, we're here to experience this playground that we call Earth. I think my preaching has been getting to him

Future therapist,

Alexander Supertramp

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Greeting from Fairbanks!

Finally, I finally made it to Fairbanks! It was no easy feat, there was plenty of hitchhiking and walking. But I made it, after a kinda fella named Jim gave drove me down to the Alaskan interior. We talked for a while about myself and my travels, as well as how ill prepared I was. Apparently the boots I bought are pretty awful, so he was nice enough to hand me some nice looking rubber boots. It was pretty funny, there were plenty of questions tossed at me on how i’d survive on the Stampede trail. He dropped me off and I had him snap a picture of me. I threw the rest of my possessions in his truck told him I’d be fine.

I now walk into the wild,

Alex Supertramp

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I finally lucked out...

It’s been a few months since I came across this bus. It has been my sanctuary since then. The bus has a bed, some utensils and a furnace. It was like a dream come true, a sign for me to stay here. When I first crossed the Teklanika river it was frozen and I was able to walk across. Unfortunately the Teklanika was at full flood running fast and cold. There is no way I could cross this without drowning. I am really pissed my plan is coming crashing down. I am scared lonely and without food. Shit how could I let this happen, I should've known better.

Trapped in the wild,

Chris McCandless