Anime Expo 2015

July 2nd-5th @ Los Angeles Convention Center

Entertainment Hall!

Art Walls

Large walls of paper are available for attendees to leave their mark at Anime Expo.

Live Art

We invite artists each year to provide live art throughout the Anime Expo weekend. The finished pieces are usually available for sale at the end of the weekend. In recent years, we’ve worked with the Chalk Twins, who create large-scale pieces featuring different anime series. 2015 artists are TBD

Cosplay Sets

Each set will encompass a wide variety of genres from both anime and video games for all cosplayers to enjoy

Cosplay Repair Center

Every cosplayer has experienced the horror of a ripped seam or a broken wing in their time attending conventions. For years Anime Expo has provided a way for you to fix any snafu that may happen and this year is no exception!

Cosplay Senpai Program

Anime Expo is proud to present the newest addition to our Cosplay Area – The Cosplay Senpai! Our Cosplay Senpai are local and global cosplayers that promote the fun, unity, and acceptance of the Cosplay community. Through their amazing cosplays and positive attitudes we hope to convey the expression and excitement that the hobby can bring to everyone. Come by the Cosplay Set Area during the convention to meet and greet them!


E-gaming offers you the opportunity to compete with other gamers head to head in some of the best games available on the market, as well as tried and true favorites. We have a hand held gaming station, a LAN gaming area, as well as Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation areas set up for you to explore. If it plugs into a power outlet, and it plays a game of some kind, you can bet you’ll see it here.

Thursday, July 2nd, 4pm to Sunday, July 5th, 4pm

1201 South Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA

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  • 2015 Schedule Information to be Announced.