Roman Catholic

By: Hanna and Brodie

History of Roman Catholicism

There are more Roman Catholics in the world than there are believers of any other religious tradition. With nearly 1.1 billion. The exact date of the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church is indeterminable.

Roman Catholic Beliefs

Baptism: Catholics believe that baptism is a sacrament that regenerates and justifies, and is usually done in infancy. Usually done after a person confesses Jesus as savior and obtains an understanding of the significance of baptism.

Bible: Catholics believe that the truth is found in the bible, as interpreted by the church but also in church tradition. They also believe that the original writings of the authors of the bible are without error.

Forgiveness of Sin: Catholics believe forgiveness of sin is achieved through church ritual. Protestants believe forgiveness of sin is received through repentance and confession to God directly without any human intercessor.

The 5 W's about Roman Catholicism

Who: St. Peter- considered the first pope.

What: "Roman Catholicism is a worldwide religious tradition of 1.1 billion members. It has traces of histrory that go back to Jesus of Nazareth, a itinerant preacher around the area of Jerusalem during the area of Roman occupation, In the early 30s of the common era."

When? "The original Church was established at Pentecost in AD 30. Christians started the church almost certainly by AD 50."

Where? Judea is where Roman Catholicism first started.

why? Why Catholicism started is fairly straight forward. Man has a difficult time leaving something alone. There is a strong desire to modify things with the goal of "improving" things. This tendency is encouraged by Satan who wants to destroy the works of God.

Roman Carholic Rituals

Catholic life is full of prayer and the use of sacramentals that prepare the Catholic to receive grace, such as the rosary, the wearing of medals, and the giving of blessings.

Roman Catholic worship is centered around the Sacrament of the Eucharist in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Seven sacraments serve as capable outward signs of sanctifying grace for believers.

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Top five countries that believe in Roman Catholicism

The five countries with the largest number of Catholics are Brazil, Mexico, Philipinies, United States, Italy.