Binary And Denary



Computers only understand base 2 while we can understand base 10.

1=on 0=off, 101 we would read as on off on while a computer would read it completely differently.

Binary is base 2=computer

Denary is base 10=humans

Binary is kept basic so that the computer can understand it and read it much faster. Humans can do base 10 problems because we can work at a much faster rate and read it quicker than the computer.

Understanding Binary

Binary 8-bit goes up by x by 2 each time it goes up from 1.

The 8-bit system: 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128.

single 1/0=bit

4 bits=nibble

8 bits=byte

1024 bytes=kilobytes

1024 kilobytes=megabytes

1024 megabytes=gigabytes

1024 gigabytes=terabytes

Understanding Denary

Unlike Binary, the Denary 8-bit system goes 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256... and so on while the Binary stops at 128. This shows that the Denary system is more complex than the Binary one.

Denary to Binary

To do this conversion pick a number under 255 (189)

Go through the list of numbers if the number goes into 189 then you put a 1 for 128

You then minus 128 from 189 and carry that number over (61)

If the number is smaller than the number its meant to go in (64) then you go onto the next number (32) and you put a 0 for 64.

You then repeat this process for other problems.