Wildlife Photography

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Job discription

Will be responsible for obtaining and editing high quality wildlife photos and video to a company the txt of Ranger Rick jr. A wildlife magazine for kids. In this role you will research, procure, and edit photographs from agencies and other individual photographers ;For use in the magazine.also in charge of editing and conceiving stories for Ranger Rick jr magazine. Having a masters degree will help in obtaining job. You will usually earn 26,000.

Requierments/ qualifications

-Need a bachelors degree in visual arts, photography and anything alike.

-two or more years of experience in nature photography industry, photo editing, and or working on publications for children.

-good visual eye; knowledge of lighting and composition.

-ability to create and develop compelling story concepts.

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Give it a shot!


Most wildlife photographers are self-employed. Some, however, have consistent work for either newspaper, magazine or publishing companies. Government and advertising agencies also seek out photojournalists. The average annual salary range for a wildlife photographer is $26,000. Not much if you want to get rich, but it's worth the adventure.


I will go to Colombia college Chicago and get a Bachlors degree in photography with a minor in Ecology.