Jin's Life

~My Journey~

About Jin

Name: Jin Yoshizawa

From: Japan

Hobby: Reading books, Playing tennis

Birthday: 1999/11/19

My life

I was born in Tokyo and spent time there until I was age of 4. Then I moved to UK and spent time there about another 4 years and came back to Tokyo. After that, I attended to Japanese school for my elementary school and junior high school life. For the last year of junior high school, I moved to St. Mary's international school, which is my previous school.

My Family

My family consists of my father, mother and younger brother. My father is one of the people I respect. He is the one beg advice for my academical concerns. My mother is a good listener. If I have general problem, I go to talk to her sometimes. My brother has six years difference of age with me. He is a very cheerful boy and I really appreciate that.