Jonathan Lethem

by Harrison Kennedy

Jonathan Made the Front Page

Jonathan's birth

  • Jonathan was born in Brooklyn, NY.
  • His birth date is on February 19,1964
  • He married a woman named Amy Barnett
  • Had a child named Everett Lethem
  • He is now 51 years

Jonathan's education

  • Jonathan graduated from Bennington College
  • His first book was called "Gun" and it was published in 1994
  • I am starting to read the book called "The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye"(noy a fact)
  • Dropping out of Bennington College
  • He lived in California
  • Worked as a clerk in a used bookstore.

Jonathan's Book Hits Top 10 in America

I recently read his astounding book call "The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye". To me I think this is talking about a man who’s soul will randomly be transported back into Hell, not necessarily real Hell, but certainly Hell for him. While his soul is in Hell, his body continues it’s day to day activity.

10 facts about Jonathan and his books

  1. The Wall of the Sky ,the Wall of the eye was made in 1996
  2. As a teenager Lethem studied painting at the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan.
  3. The Fortress of Solitude is considered to be among the best of Lethem's novels.
  4. Divorced twice
  5. 2011 he was a professor Pomona College
  6. Mother died when he was young
  7. 2003 he received New York Times Best Seller
  8. 1995 won first place in "Best First Novel" in Locus Magazine
  9. 2005 he received MacArthur Fellowship
  10. Mara Faye Lethem and Blake Lethem was his brother and sister

Some of his books

10 Facts about Him

  1. His book "Motherless Brooklyn" won the National Book Critics Circle Award.
  2. His native Brooklyn serves as the setting for both of those acclaimed novels.
  3. He is a short story writer.
  4. His brother Blake became an artist, and his sister Mara became a photographer, writer, and translator.
  5. His parents divorced when Lethem was young.
  6. Lethem attended the High School of Music and Art in NY.
  7. Intending to become a visual artist like his father.
  8. Lived in California for twelve years.
  9. His pen name is Harry Conklin.
  10. He has been married 3 times