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Added 19th March

Reading Framework Innisfail State School - Great ideas for you to adapt and include in your reading program.

Spelling and Words - NZ site - Sounds and Words is designed to support teachers and students to learn about phonological awareness and spelling. It builds on the Literacy Learning Progressions in support of the reading and writing standards.

Wild Thing Art idea - Make monsters and Wild Thing art + 50 Paper Plate ideas

Car Park Problem Solving - Fun!

70 Cool Maths Games

Openers - Ideas to use and create posters for to improve your students' writing.

4 new reading/spelling activities added to the L3 page

Scenario Zone - Exciting scenarios to discuss

Art & Photography Descriptive Writing Prompt

The National Numeracy Learning Progression
Using the progressions in teaching and learning
The progressions and the school trial - YouTube
Tailored testing