Filippo Lippi

A Renaissance Artist


Born in 1406 in Florence, Italy, Lippi became a friar and created many famous religious paintings. Although his education is unknown, Lippi spent most of his time in Florence after he was patronized by the Medici family.

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Madonna and Child with Angels, Saints Frediano and Augustine

Created in 1437, this very religious painting demonstrates capitalism most of all. This is a religious painting which is exactly the opposite of secularism and skepticism. Lippi created this painting during the time when he was patronized by the Medici family. This piece is very interesting due to its bright color scheme, something that was not common in the era. This work of art is currently held on display in Paris, France at the Musee de Louvre.


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Creator : Filippo Lippi
Title : Madonna and Child with angels, Saints Frediano and Augustine (so-called Pala Barbadori)
Date : 1437
Repository : Musée du Louvre, INV. 339.
ARTstor : LESSING_ART_10310752381