Mobile Learning in the Classroom

5 mobile applications that improve the learning experience

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LearnCast Mobile Learning Platform

The Learn Cast mobile learning platform can be used to create and distribute course content to your students via mobile devices.

The development tools that LearnCast provides makes creating things like quizzes, polls, exams very easy so that people with little to no programming skills can use this application. These tools also allow you to further enhance your content with media (images, videos, links, audio) to present a more complete learnign experience

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Word Press - WPtouch

WPtouch is the mobile plugin for WordPress that creates an appropriate theme and display for mobile users to access your WrodPress website

WordPress enables a user to create their own website or blog for anyone to see. There are countless themes, plugins and other customizble features available in WordPress. The plugin WPtouch gives you that power on your mobile device, whether it is creating a your website or viewing it.

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Clickatell is the largest available SMS gateway for teachers and students to use. With this app you can create alerts, reminders, and other notifications to students to the student's mobile devices.

With these tools, you can inform your students about upcoming events, presentation, or projects to make sure they stay on top of the course content. They can also reply to your messages like any other SMS messaging system.

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Mobl21 application that can create a variety of content that can be shared on mobile devices as well as desktop computers and laptops

Mobl21 allwos the user to create flashcards, quizzes, study guides, and polls that selected students can follow on their mobile devices. The teacher can manage not only the information provided, but the students that get to see it. Mobl21 also provides a store that comes with a wealth of learning material including downloadable lessons in pre-designed templates of your choosing. Below is a Youtube video showing an example of how to use Mobl21.

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Flixlab is a mobile device application can enables the user to create movies and slideshows straight from their phone.

Flixlab allows you to share your user-created videos or slideshows on social media sites like Facebook. Not only can you create videos from your mobile device with Flixlab, but it has a feature that allows two people to share and combine content from two mobile devices into one video or slideshow. This can be really useful when doing a group project or video presentation when people are separated from each other and their computer.