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October Cheetah News


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Principal's Message

We are off to an amazing start of our school year. Students and staff are settling in. I am not sure who is more excited to be back in person, staff, students or parents. It has been so wonderful to see how happy our students are as they arrive at school each morning. It is one of my favorite times of the day, when I get to greet students and families in the morning.

Our drop off and pick up process has begun to smooth out. Thank you so much for your patience during this time of monitoring and adjusting.

Keeping everyone safe while they are at school is our number one priority. You are all doing an amazing job of keeping your child home when they are not feeling well. If you are curious about how many COVID cases we have in our district and at each school please see Mr. Gardner’s weekly COVID report by following this link:

Remember if your child is required to quarantine and stay home please stay in communication with your child’s teacher to arrange to pick up school work to be completed while they are gone. If you maintain communication with the classroom teacher and complete the work assigned, your child will not be marked absent from school for the time they are in quarantine.

Thank you for helping us make this an amazing school year! We could not do this without you.

Mrs. Moore


We are currently starting our fourth year of AVID Elementary. We started our implementation in our third grade and then the following year began implementation in second grade. We tried to maintain implementation last year and have begun to introduce AVID strategies in our first grade classrooms this year. Here is what each grade is focusing on right now.

First grade: We are using AVID binders and modeling lots of organization skills for our first graders. We are also attempting some academic language activities/strategies like philosophical chairs and learning how to agree and disagree with one another respectfully. We have monthly calendars and a daily schedule that are followed as well!

2nd Grade is working hard building classroom communities and establishing routines. We have also started using our AVID Binders as an organizational tool and a way to communicate student learning with families. In their binders, our 2nd graders have their Nightly Reading Logs to track their reading at home, an ST Math tracker to track their ST MATH progress, and their Thursday folders. They are also writing letters home each week to communicate with families about their classroom learning, goals, and steps they will take to achieve their goals. Lots of AVID learning happening in 2nd grade!

Third graders have started using their AVID binders as organization and communication tools. These binders travel back and forth between school and home daily. Each binder contains a monthly calendar and weekly planner pages. The planner pages summarize what they have been working on during the week and reminders for parents. Eventually each AVID binder will also contain reading logs, ST Math data, reading levels, and math scores.

Change In End of Day transportation For Students

Will your child's end of day transportation be different than usual? Please make sure to call the school office before 2:00pm when you need to make a change to end of day transportation for your student. Whether it will be riding the bus, having grandma pick up, or something different, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to call the office and report the change. A note will be sent down to the child's classroom at the end of the day. Make sure to keep travel cards updated too. If you do not call the office, your child will not be released to anyone other than who is listed on the travel card. Identification will always be asked for also. Safety is our top priority.

Reporting Absences For Your Student

Please report all absences using our NSSD website. Click on the clipboard icon, "Report An Absence" and fill in the absence form. Thanks!

Student Pick Up

Please remember that students are dismissed at 2:30pm. Doors will remain open until 2:40pm. Thank you!

Dental Screenings at SES

Free dental screenings will be here at SES October 11th-15th. In order for your child to participate, a signed consent form is required. These forms will be sent home soon. Insurance is not required and insurance is not billed. Dental pain is a leading cause of missed school. If students need further dental care, parents will be notified and assistance provided in accessing care as needed.




11th-15th - Dental Screenings at School

28th - Vision Screenings at School

31st - Happy Halloween!

Mission Statement

Providing opportunities for personal growth through shared learning experiences and meaningful interactions for our diverse student population