Schools in the 1900

How did your parents grow up

Schools in the 1900s

  1. In the 1900s school was very different , they had worse punishments. They also got in trouble for different things and different rules. Not everyone went to school, The transportation was different to. They had little technology to do their work. They started school at different ages to.
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According to Tim Lambert at,teachers were strict and beat children. Some tools they used to hurt the kids with are twigs,rulers and leather belts.
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According to that kids got in trouble more often. They could not talk unless called on, girls had to wear dresses to school and got a spanking if talked back.
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Population says, that in the 1900s there was more than 75000 one room school houses. After World War II high schools became popular and more kids started to go to high school.
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Transportation believes that most kids walked to school. says lots of kids road the bus,the speed limit was 10-15 miles per hour. It was dangerous so they changed routes and created better buses.
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Technology claims that the technology was not very good. To type they used a type writer, they only could use books to study. They spent most time out side play and doing sports(Vargas).
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Going to school

Historic uk states, most kids started school when they were 5. For most of them it was the first time being away from there parents, there was no pre school.


*Children had to give seats to adults

*Had to stand up when adults walked in to a room


*They did not have lockers

*At Catholic schools no one got 100% because nons only thought that God was perfect

*They were aloud to leave school for lunch



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