College Project

By: Sebastian Murguia

The 4 colleges

-Texas A&M (Public In-state)

-TCU (Private In-state)

-Galveston Community College (Community college)

- University of Oklahoma (Out of state)

Cost of attendance per year

-Texas A&M: $27,272

-TCU: $48,370

-Galveston: $7,702

-University of Oklahoma: $32,115

Loan Cost

  • Interest rate: 4% Length of Loan: 6 Years
  • Monthly cost:
  • -Texas A&M: $426.67
  • -TCU: $756.75
  • -Galveston Community College: $121.56
  • University of Oklahoma: $502.44
  • Total Cost of the loan:
  • Texas A&M: $30,720.24
  • TCU: $54,486.28
  • Galveston Community college: $8,754.48
  • University of Oklahoma: $36,176.4


In conclusion, financially speaking going to Texas A&M would be the best option because it is a very good college cheaper than the others and is a In-state public school which makes it easier and cheaper for me than for all the out of state people.