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Edition #4

Straight from the MCVP;

Hello magical Wizards,
It's already the fourth edition of the Bi-weekly newsletter, I really hope this initiative is being fruitful for our beloved function, Outgoing GCDP!

The excitement is getting higher and higher for this Summer 15, a lot of engaged and creative actions were taken in most of the entities to make Global Citizen bright in all the corners of Morocco.

On national level, a lot of steps are also taken, one of the important ones is the oGCDP Summit happening this Saturday in Rabat, to which oGCDPers and back office members will gather to build together an unfogettable Summer 15.

Enjoy this special edition :)

AIESEC in Morocco 14/15

oGCDP in numbers

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We're starting the 2nd week of March and we already exceeded a hundred raises for the Summer realization! Houuuriyah!

Those are the entities and the number of raises done since February, big up to ANFA, MENARA, HASSAN and AZUR for being in the TOP 4

Summer is here, time to move it oGCDP crew!

News & Next Steps

** Summer actions are on in most of the entities:

In SAISS, a Global Village happened last week with 75+ attendance of youth students passionated about traveling and cultures which is a bonus for the summer promotion, but also 3 Info Sessions booked, happening next week in HEC, ENCGF and ENSAF.

In MENARA, today a booth in ENCGM was attracting a lot of students, presence in the "Forum International de l'Etudiant" this past weekend, a Global Village was organized with EPs from many LCs/IG, SCALE UP campaign internally to boost IXP, I wanna go on exchange competition in its 3rd edition and also, the second edition of AIESEC MENARA TALKS will be happening very soon.

In ANFA, Global Citizen Challenge ongoing, Travelers Tale, presence in "Forum d'Entreprise", weekly booth in ENCGC, booth in HEM was done and one in ALC Mohammedia soon, without forgetting the 2nd edition Global Village with about 150+ attendance.

In MAZAGAN, 3 classes Info Sessions are scheduled in ENCGJ alongside with a booth in the same school.

Other entities are also planning and brainstorming a lot of great ideas for the summer!! Gonne be SO HOT!!

**Summer Slogan is finally here: Live to Impact. Unlock your Potential. Meet the World

This slogan will let us use its 3 parts for sub campaigns that will help in attracting students online to our program.

**In order to showcase the best our program, one of the most relevant ways is the story telling, for this, we're running a national initiative by creating a blog gathering all stories like Tounsi360. If you're a returnee or an EP manager, share testimonials you have with some pictures in the Testi Hub (within the file of your entity) #SharingIsTotallyCaring


oGCDP Summit, this Saturday! Yey!

oGCDP Summit is a space opened for oGCDP and back office members in all AIESEC in Morocco entities LC/IG/SUs to come together for one day and prepare for a well performed Summer 15.
oGCDP Summit is happening Saturday 14th March in Rabat. Venue to be confirmed very soon.
The summit objectives are:
*Connect ourselves to the why
*Strengthen our summer presence
*Reinforce partnerships implementation
*Get ready for EP management and matching
*Fire up competitiveness between teams
You didn't register yet? Fill this now: tinyurl.com/ogcdpsummit-registration
Summit event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/412598275584456/
See you on Saturday!

3 destinations, clear operations!

One of the plans to ensure a smooth matching of Summer EPs is the choice that they need to take during their RB to decide for 3 countries as their best destination for summer. Through this, we will make sure to provide EPs with the suitable projects they need but also a quick match avoiding the drop of their engagement. Based on this, EPs will be able to take up to 3 interviews with TN managers from their preferred destinations and need to pick 1 out of them to prepare for the realization.
All in all, this aims to limit the confusion and lost feeling an EP can endure while trying to decide on his GCDP experience.

/!\ Announcements Corner /!\

Congratulations to the brave VP oGCDP applicants:

Hamza Alami Zaim from Saiss

Houssame Laktiti and Soukaina Bourzigui from Azur

Anas Belhaj from Hassan

Yassmine Moslih from Anfa (deadline extension)

Good luck with the process, enjoy it fully!

Congratulations to Khaoula Massouf from SU AZUR for being elected National Support Team, Global Citizen Manager. Can't wait to have some great work together!

For this edition, the Star oGCDPer and the nominees will be announced during the oGCDP Summit. Join!
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