Mustang Minutes

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Scarborough's Summary

Congratulations to Carolyn Welsh who was honored at the 2015-16 TOTY Banquet Tuesday night. It was a wonderful night celebrating teachers in GCPS! Here's a picture of Carolyn and her lovely parents at the event.
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Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Christine Hallick did a great job using the gradual release instructional model during an observed lesson this week!

It was really great to see students develop a composition and then play their music on the xylophone in Tiffany Rackley's room!

Kudos to the front office and paras who pick up and cover at a moment's notice when there are unexpected absences. You guys are amazing!

Media Center News

Great News! Your media committee grade level representative can now push apps to your Kindles. Please be mindful of the following policy when you all select apps as a grade level:

Kindle/Table Supplemental Material Policy

· Each grade level will review and approve apps for their grade level Kindles.

· The grade level media committee representative will have access to the Kindle account to push selected apps to their grade level Kindles.

· During the selection process, the following will be considered for all apps:

    • Materials shall support and be consistent with the system’s mission vision and goals and the AKS curriculum for specific courses,
    • Materials shall meet high standards of quality in factual content and presentation.
    • Materials shall be appropriate for the subject area and for the age, emotional development, ability level and social development of the students for whom the materials are selected.
    • Materials shall have aesthetic, literary, or social value.
    • Materials chosen shall be written/produced by competent and qualified authors and producers.
    • Materials shall be chosen that avoid gender, role, age, ethnic and other stereotyping.
    • Physical format, medium, and appearance of materials shall be suitable for their intended use.
    • The materials selected shall be purchased and used in compliance with current copyright laws.
    • Materials will be closely examined by each grade level for inappropriate or excessive advertising.

Counselors' Corner

Ever want to give to a needy family during the holidays? Here's your chance! We select our very own RES families that need assistance during the holidays for our Giving Tree. Just select a card, write your name next to the number on the card, and purchase a gift. Return the gift (with the card on top) to Marsha or Denise and they will deliver the wonderful donations to our families. Thank you for considering giving to our very own families!

The Annual Giving tree will be posted next week in the mailroom.

Custodian Closet

We continue to see the results of students destroying or defacing school property - broken soap dispenser, toilet seat, toilet paper dispenser, wet wad of toilet paper all over the walls and ceiling. An example each soap dispenser cost my department $19 in one location this week I have replaced a single dispenser twice. You ask then why keep replacing, the State Health inspector will write the Cafeteria up if there is not a dispenser in that location. There is a cause and effect for everything. Your continued monitoring of students in the rest-rooms is needed to prevent me from exhausting my budget due to vandalism.

I will be on vacation next week so I would like to remind you a week early to STEP into the Holiday Break!

Secure you laptop and kindles over the break

Trash is all collected from your classroom and placed in the a tied bag in the hallway

Eats, anything perishable in your classroom or faculty refrigerator has been taken home or placed in the trash.

Projector and lights in your room are turned off

Technology Tips

Please check your email for this month's Happy Clicker.

Coaches' corner

Ask Questions to Engage with the Text

Strategy: Teach students to engage their mind by asking questions as they read. In fiction they might ask, "What comes next? Why did the character do that?" In nonfiction, they might ask questions about the topic. Read on to answer questions.

The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo

Parent Connection

The Rockbridge Parent Volunteers recognize all of the hard work here at Rockbridge!

Since November is Parent Involvement Month we want to say THANK YOU for everything you do to to support and prepare our children!

You are appreciated!

I am working with the new PTA to get your cards and benefits to you as soon as possible!

Thank you to all staff members who have signed up!

Calendar of Events

11/16- RLT 3:00-4:00- Fierce Conversations Part 3

11/16- Classworks training (all grade levels) during planning

11/17- Principal Cluster Meeting at Meadowcreek ES

11/19- Local School Council Meeting 9:30 am

11/19- Principal for a Day Visit

11/23-11/27 - Fall Break

11/30- NTN

11/30- 5th grade full day planning

12/1- 4th grade full day planning

12/2- 3rd grade full day planning

12/2- County Principal Meeting

12/3- 2nd grade full day planning

12/4- 1st grade full day planning

12/7- K full day planning full day planning

12/7- County AP Meeting

12/11- RES Spelling Bee

RES Birthdays

I had a request to include this in our minutes again, so here it goes!


11/3 T. Edwards

11/10 N. Berry, A. Hicks

11/11 P. Rhodes

11/15 T. Clevett, C. Moore

11/19 N. Lore

11/23 B. Davis

11/24 C. Encarnacion

11/25 C. Welsh

11/26 P. Hill