Julius Caesar

Roman Empire king / dictator


Allegedly a descendant of the Trojan prince Aeneas , Julius Caesar auspicious birth , C. July 12 or 13 BC maked the beginning of a new chapther in Roman history .this led to a senatorial coup ,and Caesar eventual assasination ,on the ideas of march.
At around the time of his father death,Ceaser made a concerted efford to side with his country's nobilty,his marraige to cornelia,the daugter of a noble,had drawn the ire of rome's dictator ,sulla, who order to young roman to divorse his wife or risk losing his property.Ceaser refused and found escap in the military serving first in the province of Asia and then in Cilicia .Following the death of sulla,Ceaser returend to roman  to began his career in politics  as aprosecutig  advocate.He relocated temporarily to rhodes to study philosophy,but during his travelthere was kidnapped  by pirates,In a daring display of his negotation  and counter-insurgency tatics ,he conviced his captors to rise his randsome .He then organized a naval force to attack them . The pirates were captured and executed.

By: Saida Rubio >.<