Are Gmo's Good ?

Are Gmo's Better For You ?

Are Gmos Healthy ?

Although GMOS are in 70-80% of our food in the U.S , it is not good for you . GMOS are proven to be unhealthy . Many countries have banned GMOS , why would they do that if its a good thing ? ITS NOT . GM food is not needed through our system , we'd be perfectly fine with organic food . The U.S cannot stop GMOS because they don't know specifically what foods have them . Many say that GM foods are healthy , and that the pictures that are against GMOS are photo shopped . Plus , if the U.S went GMO free , basically eating healthy , the world wouldn't be obese . Not only is it bad but they test it on animals ! Which also gives disease and tumors to them .
Gmo's contaminate forever . They increase herbicide use and can permanently harm your body . GMOs damage the environment . Our surroundings wouldn't be so horrible if it weren't for genetically modified organisms .