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TR Newsletter

Principal's News

Education is our mission and we make many decisions that impact the learning of your children on a daily basis. We appreciate your trust in our work and the support you provide us as we continue to strive for excellence.

The month of November seems to come and go quickly year after year. This month, we welcomed families into our classrooms during American Education Week. Thank you to all families who were able to attend. We are proud of the work we do in the classroom, and we hope you were able to get a snapshot of your child's daily routines and the instruction that our teachers work so hard to craft. Teaching is more than just standing in front of a classroom and directing students what to do. We are aiming to teach children how to think critically, how to be independent learners, and how to work through challenges.

As the holiday season continues, our job tends to become more challenging as the excitement builds for each child and we have less time to accomplish all we'd like to get done. In early November, our students were introduced to two new online learning resources which can be utilized at home.

Our new math initiative, ST Math, is a brain-based program that challenges students to think outside the box but at the same time, meets students at their level of performance. All of our children have a username and password and know each. Children can access ST Math from home.

Our new Language Arts resource is called MYON and it is a supplemental reading program that is also accessible to children at home. Each child has a username and password and individualized reading libraries can be created for your learner.

We ask that you encourage your child to spend time on each program to reinforce and advance learning that takes place within the classroom. Below are two links that will provide you with an overview of information for each program.

Thank you for your support and as always, we are here to partner with you in assisting your children in gaining a quality education.

Preschool News

November was a fun filled month for preschool students. The students learned about the Five Food Groups and foods that go within each group. Parents were welcomed into the classrooms during American Education Week, Mystery Reader Programs and Fall Celebration Days! Through the use of technology the students explored images of Pilgrims and Native Americans and how they worked together to celebrate the First Thanksgiving. Preschool students also celebrated Thanksgiving together during their Fall Celebration and explored foods such as apples, carrots, crackers and turkey. Throughout November the students were constantly reminded of what it means to be Thankful not only at home but in everyday life!

Second Grade News

November was a busy month in 2nd grade. We began a new unit in Writer's Workshop that focuses on information writing. Students are conducting experiments to learn about forces and motion. We tested our hypothesis on which would go further, a car on a bare floor or on the carpet. Students are learning about the scientific method and enjoying their experiments.

November was also the time for American Education week. Parents were invited into the class to watch us learn. It was great to see so many people come out to visit. Finally, we worked to identify things that we are thankful for in celebration of Thanksgiving.

Third Grade News

November has been a very busy month for Third Grade. We have began learning our multiplication facts! We will be taking weekly fact tests and earning points towards our multiplication movie. Please work with your child every night at home so that we can all become multiplication masters!