St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School

Staff Newsletter

Week of August 6th

"Sharing Christ Through Academic Excellence"

18-19 Theme Verse: "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1

My Schedule

Monday- All staff meeting in Flex room @ Flatrock at 8:30am

Tues- Both campuses as needed

Wednesday-lunch meeting @ noon

Thursday- Both campuses as needed. 4pm at Soest & 5:30 at Flatrock

Friday-Off hopefully

Big picture

Calendar Items of Note

August 6- Opening Staff meeting @ Flatrock flex room w/ potluck at 8:30am

August 9- Orientation Night: 4pm at Soest and 6:30 at Flatrock. Starting in the sanctuary at both places.

Aug 20- Magazine sale kickoff meeting @1pm Flatrock

Aug 29- CPR training

Chromebook School

We are now fully a Chromebook school Flatrock has 3 carts of Chromebooks and Soest currently has one looking to add another cart with LF money. I would suggest, if you have not, log on to a chromebook and see how it works. This applies for sure to Soest faculty but couldn't hurt for Flatrock staff to do so as well.

I have configured, and in some cases, reconfigured the chromebooks by grades using it. K-3rd will have much more limited access to apps etc than Flatrock will have. There is also a book I got called "The Chromebook Classroom" that may be helpful, particularly section 3 where there are some sample lessons.

There is also a Facebook page to follow as well that may be helpful. Here it is: The Chromebook Classroom. A wesbite with lesson ideas by grade level is also coming in the next week or so. Link is here: The Chromebook Classroom.

New Laptops

Those with new laptops to start the school year, I hope they work well for you. They certainly seemed like good laptops. Just an FYI that hooking up to respective printers will be done by Toby our IT guy. I asked him to come and do so the week of August 6th since that is when everyone should be here with them.

Kim and Sharon, I should be able to do yours since the copier was sent up such that I should be able to do it.

Some other things: There may likely need to be some kind of adapter to plug to projector. None has that kind of plug anymore so will have to look for one. Also, this model was one of very few that still had a CD drive in it. Those with SMART boards, I think you should be able to connect OK. I know Mary and Katherine have been able to.

Little Free Libraries Coming to SJE

I am super excited to announce that coming to each SJE campus are Little Free Libraries. Mike Cress, a school parent is building them. Once they are done, I'll be looking for someone to customize them (school colors, logo name on them). Here is a link (click here) to their website if you want to learn more. As soon as they are done and placed, I'll initiate a PR campaign to let the community know they are here.


I got this idea from a book I read this summer. My goal is to make PD more fun and more relevant this year. I'd like to try this idea. It is a short 15-30 minute time where either I or a staff member will highlight a new app or do a quick how-to of an existing app or program. Not sure if this should be weekly or every other on the opposite weeks that our staff meetings are. We can discuss.

Take Note

Amy in the office is now full time in the office. Her hours will be 7:15am to 2:45pm. We have spent the summer getting organized and shuffling what should not be mine to her instead. Many times she will be your go to person fora lot of stuff. I'm excited to have her. With her taking on more, I should be more available for you.

What I've Read Recently

Lead with Literacy

Here is the latest book I have read. It is called Lead With Literacy by Mandy Ellis. This book is about developing a literacy-rich environment in schools for students and staff. The book is divided into several sections based on the acronym SAIL. S is for Student Choice, A is for Ample Access, I is for Independent Reading Time and L is for Literature Rich Learning Environment. This book is full of ideas on how to make these come alive school-wide as well as classroom-wide.

My copy is available to read or you can get your own copy. Either way, I think this is a must read for everyone so we can create a literacy-rich environment at SJE.

The 4 O 'Clock Faculty

This is a great book on doing PD differently. I thought initially this was a book for admins. Turns out it is a great book for teachers too who are looking to refresh or do PD different than it used to be done.

There are some awesome ideas for doing PD. I listed one above that I thought was good that I would be willing to do throughout the year.

My copy of this book is available or you can get your own copy. Either way, it's a great read with a ton of good ideas.