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What is a Facebook Party?

A Facebook party is a virtual party, not just an event with a link. You will set up a specific time and date (just like an in person party), invite your friends to join you on Facebook at that time, watch a couple of videos that will highlight some of our most popular books and programs and then I will provide a shopping experience. No cleaning or cooking necessary and it takes less than an hour.

Emily's Usborne Books & More Facebook Party


Saturday, April 9th, 5pm (CST)
On the Facebook Event Wall.

EShow for Online Ordering:

All guests will order online and their books will ship directly to them.

Your party is quickly approaching and I am excited to give you the first step to having a wildly successful party!

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Step 1: You will send your friends & family personal messages, emails, phone calls, or texts (or however you communicate with them) to share your excitement and ask if they would like an invitation to your party on the 9th. I am going to keep this easy peasy for you! Just copy & paste the wording below! :) Our goal is to find 20-25 who would like an invitation. Once you have that, I will set up the event for you. We will want the event up and running by: Tuesday (about 4-5 days before the party), so this gives you 8 days to share your excitement.

Sample Wording:
“Hi Sara!. I recently discovered Usborne Books and I really want to learn & see more of them, so I am having a Facebook party on 4/9/16. I thought you might like to check them out too! Would you like an invitation?”

Thank you!

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I am so excited to help your family earn award-winning books! You will enjoy these smart books for your smart kids! I look forward to working together!