Lee Harvey Oswald


Not a Killer?

Through extensive research, the F.B.I found that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the killer of president John F. Kennedy in November 22 1963 in Dallas TX.

So what happened?

Why Lee Isn't A Killer

The Evidence?

Witnesses state that they saw Lee Harvey Oswald drinking a Coke in a lunch room during the shooting.

Also, in the picture above, there is a bullet hole in the neck of JFK indicating that he was not shot from the back but from the front. Now the theory is that Lee harvey Oswald shot JFK from behind but the bullet hole is in the front.

Furthermore, there was supposably 3 shots fired in a 5 to 8 seconds which is pretty much impossable. Lee Oswald was also a Radio Technician in the Army So he could not have shot with that much accuracy and speed.