VAAC Mascot Contest

Winner Revealed


We had so many incredible entries for our mascot contest. Thank you to everyone who participated. We will be sending information soon about being able to place orders for t-shirts with out student created logo.

First Place Mascot Winner

Our VAAC mascot winner is Stella, 6th grader from Wayland! Congratulations!

I asked Stella to tell us about her design and this is what she said:

I am very excited to be the winner. When I started thinking about the contest I thought that since I have been a Wayland Wildcat all my life, it would be fun to be a VAAC Velociraptor.

I chose Victory as the name because we can be victorious over our schoolwork.

P. Positive: Velociraptors had to use their resources in order to survive. We need to use our resources to survive VAAC because we have never gone to school this way before.

R. Responsible: Velociraptors hunted in packs. Even though we work on our own, we are still responsible to work with other VAAC students and teachers.

O. Open Minded: Velociraptors need to observe their prey, just like we need to observe in school. The school is our prey and we need to eat up knowledge.

U. Understanding: Velociraptors needed a lot of patience to catch their prey. We need a lot of patience and understanding to stay on pace in Edmentum.

D. Determined: Velociraptors were resourceful. VAAC students need to be the same by using their resources to help finish their assignments.

Thank you Stella for incorporating the character traits of PROUD into your design. Again, congratulations!

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