CNP News

Week of November 4th-8th, 2019

November Already!

The school year is 1/4 over already! We need to continue to push for excellence with our students! I have observed many great learning experiences this first 9 weeks and am excited to see what you all have in store for the next 9 weeks!

Thank You

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I can't say thank you enough to everyone that pitched in and helped this weekend! The Hallo-Fest spearheaded by Mrs. Spencer and our PTO was a smashing success! I continually tell other admin that I meet how great my staff is and I truly mean it! Thank you for investing in our community and kiddos in such a fun way!

Upcoming Morning Meeting

Monday @ 7:45 in my office: Note the time change it is 5 minutes earlier than normal. Please come ready to learn about Dyslexia and how we are going to tackle this together! I will also briefly go over expectations for grade level meetings.

*Title ladies and Mrs. Spencer I will talk to you all tomorrow to see what time Friday would be best to discuss how we will use you all in our Dyslexia plan.

Wednesday @ 7:50 in my office: Threat Assessment team meeting. I have asked a couple of you to be on this team. This will be our first meeting and will be an overview of what we will be tasked to do should the need arise.

Basketball Games at the Primary Building

We will be hosting basketball games at CNP this year. Most of these games are Monday and Wednesdays and will only last 1 to 1.5 hours. I will need help running concessions and taking tickets. It will be very minimal work and we will get to keep to proceeds from the concessions. I will send out a sign up sheet soon for people to pick dates if you are willing to help.

Red Ribbon Week

We are a week behind due to fall break. I believe that tomorrow is wear RED day! Mrs. Folland if I am wrong let me know. Wear RED tomorrow!

Important Dates

11/5: 1st Grade Science Central in Gym

11/6: KinderForest (Make-Up Day)

12/10: 2nd Grade Music Program

12/23-1/3: Christmas Break (No School)

1/17: First Grade Science Central in Gym

2/3: First Grade Science Central in Gym

3/25: First Grade Science Central in Gym

4/6-4/10: Spring Break (No School)

4/22: First Grade Science Central in Gym

5/5: First Grade Science Central in Gym

6/5: Graduation (It's what we all work for)

*Please send me any dates that need to be added here!