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Evernote is an app that helps you remember EVERYTHING! You can use Evernote to remeber to do lists, recipes, buisness notes, schoolnotes, etc. in an organized way. You can even put pictures and record your own voice and plug it in the note.

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This app works on almost all devices and computers.

Mobile: Ios(apple), Android,Blackberry, Windows Phone 7,and WebOS.

Computers: Mac OS X, Windows, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Evernote in action

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With Evernote you can make notes normal text notes or you can take an image ora saves image and include it in your note. Evernote has a great feature that allows you to search the information that is in the picture that you have in the note.You can record voice notes also.You can have those handy notes with you wherever you are or you can check your notes on a computer.

The best note taking app

Help yourself remember with EVERNOTE!