Coniferous Forest

By:Zion Neat

Life in the coniferous forest

Life in the taiga can be quite tough, and sometimes brutal. Many animals have trouble finding finding food given the lack of resources.The ground in the taiga is permanently frozen so animals are unable to burrow underground. The soil in the taiga is poor and liched so trees are unable to grow in large quantities. Seeing trees is very Rare in the taiga.

Abiotic factors



-cold temperatures

Biotic factors

-Siberian tigers

-grizzly bear


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How do humans help this biome

-using hydroelectric power so The air doesn't get polluted.


How do humans harm this biome

-logging which causes trees to disappearance air too get polluted

-using paper excessively which causes trees to disappear quickly

Cool facts

-largest terrestrial biome

-less animal and plant diversity than any other biome

-has a permanently frosted ground