Mick Harte Was Here

by Barbara Park

4th grade Interactive Read Aloud with Accountable Talk - Tentative Schedule

3/22 Set the Stage:

Use the following to get the students ready to read:

  • Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?

  • What are some bicycle safety rules?

  • What are some of the reasons that people don’t follow safety rules?

  • Have you ever known someone who died “before their time”? Who was this person and how did their passing make you feel?

  • What is the most mischievous thing you’ve ever done?

3/23 Read "Mick" p.3-13

3/24 Accountable Talk Starters (only if your class needs help getting conversation started) - Right away Phoebe tells us that Mick isn't here anymore. What did you think as you heard the first page? Did you like knowing right away that this is a serious story? Would you have rather found out without the warning?

3/28 Read "Sirens" pages 14-24

3/29 Read "The Serengeti Sucks" pages 25-35

3/30 Bundle - NHTSA's Bike Safe, Bike Smart on Youtube - https://youtu.be/uBGW8j__Jsg

(9 mins. 11 sec.)

3/31 Accountable Talk Starters (if needed to jumpstart conversation) Describe Mick.

  • What kind of kid was he?
  • Even though this is Mick's story, what are some important things you learn about Phoebe?
  • What advice do you think Mick would give to Phoebe about getting on with a life without Mick?

4/4 Read "Treasures" pages 36-43

4/5 Read "Tap Dancing on God's Piano" pages 44-53

4/6 The Invisible String by Patrice Karst (bundle text)

The Invisible String is a children’s story that talks about an invisible string which connects people to their loved ones. When someone thinks of another person, there is a tug on the string that is felt. This book is not just for those who have lost others to death. In fact, a lot of families use it when someone has been deployed overseas. It just goes to show that the people that we are missing aren’t really gone as long as we remember them and talk about them. This story is a great read for anyone that is missing someone, either from death or from them being away, and realizing that they are not really gone.

4/7 Accountable Talk -

  • Have you ever had a close friend that lost a sibling or close family member?
  • What is it like to be a supportive friend?
  • What types of things can you say and do to offer comfort?

4/11 Read "Getting a Grip" pages 54-62

4/12 Read "Dogs Can Laugh in Heaven" pages 63-74

4/13 I'll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm

Within this soft and moving tale called I’ll Always Love You, Elfie who is dachshund, along with her very special boy advance contentedly through their life with each other. When she’s younger, Elfie is filled with pep as well as pranks; however while her master grows up, Elfie becomes heavier as well as slower. One particular morning Elfie doesn’t awaken. The whole family grieves along with buries Elfie, and also the boy declines a brand new puppy. He isn’t yet ready to get a new pet; however when he is, he’ll say to that pet, since he told Elsie each night, “I’ll always love you.” The watercolor pictures, soft and comfortable in both mood and color and cozily curved in their form, match the basic wording flawlessly.

4/14 Accountable Talk Starters -

  • How does Nana's "mistake" get the Harte family back together eating in the dining room?
  • In your opinion were Nana's actions accidental or on purpose?


  • Consider the way in which Phoebe's classmates and teachers react to her when she returns to school after Mick's death.

4/18 Read "Common Sense and Good Judgement" pages 75-81

4/19 Read "Forever" pages 82-88 & page 89 letter from Barbara Park about bicycle safety

4/20 The Grieving Process: Coping with Death (4 mins. 13 seconds) youtube video


4/21 Accountable Talk-

  • In what ways does Phoebe's family change after Mick's death?
  • Do they deal with problems in a new way?
  • Are they on their way to healing?


  • Even though this is Mick's story, what are some important things you learn about Phoebe?


  • What advice do you think Mick would give to Phoebe about getting on with a life without Mick?