Funeral Planning

Alex Wojcicki


For my burial, I want to be cremated, but with a different idea in mind. There is a type of urn out called a Bios Urn. It is a biodegradable urn that you place your loved one’s ashes in and plant it in the ground. The urn itself contains any type of seed you want it to. You water it like any normal plant and it grows into the plant of your choice. The type of plant I want included in my bio urn is a gardenia. It looks like a white rose and is my father’s favorite flower. The location I would want to be buried in is Olympic National Park in Washington or any location that my three kids can decide on.

The price of the Bio Urn is $102.53, converted from Euros.


All are welcome but I won't know you came I'm still dead.


Alexander James Wojcicki, born May 16, 1997, death October 12, 2078, Flower Mound, Texas. Survived by his children and brothers. Was a renowned Pediatric Oncologist. Funeral service will be held at Olympic State Park in Washington.

"Casket" spray

The casket spray will just be the forest that I will be buried in.

Living Will

In the event that I become reliant on life support due to me being brain dead, or in a vegetative state where there is little to no chance of recovery, I do not wish to remain on life support.


The service will be on October 20, at 11 A.M. Anybody can speak if they want to just don't keep it completely silent. There will be catering provided by