About Indian Weddings


Indian Weddings are a grand affair. They are almost equivalent to a festival. Marriage is a sacred bond which brings a woman and a man to start their journey of life together. Indian marriage ceremonies are regal to say the least. It’s a riot of colours and revelry.

What make an Indian marriage ceremony even more interesting are the numerous rituals. Hindus marriages are replete with various customs and rites. Hindu are very religious minded people and hence marriage for them is a matter of utmost sanctity. The Nikaah for a Muslim family is an occasional for equal merriment.

India is a nation renowned for its diversity. Thus the innumerable communities celebrate wedding according to their own sets of rituals. Bengali, Jain, Punjabi, Marwari, Kannada, Kashmiri, Parsi, Sindhi, Tamil, Sikh weddings et al are all celebrated with much aplomb and splendour. Some of the ceremonies which the families of both the bride and bridegroom participate in are the Engagement, Sangeet, Mehndi, Var Mala, Mandap, Vidai and Reception. The wedding preparation begins months in advance. Planning the budget is extremely crucial. Booking a marriage hall, caterers, photographers, decorators, flowers and bouquets, printing of the wedding cards appointing a Pundit, buying the bridal saree and the attire of the groom, numerous other wedding shopping, et al are all done months before the marriage.

Many people nowadays are also opting for theme weddings. There are also many people willing to shell out extra bucks and opt for an exotic locale for their picture perfect wedding.

Many wedding sites have also been launched where one can find tips and tricks, ideas for the wedding. There are also wedding planners who can be hired to arrange everything necessary for the ceremonies.

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