The Good, The Bad, And In-Between

The Ups and Downs in our Time: 1880-1920

There's GOLD in Them There Hills! \(^o^)/ (June 18th, 1880)

On June 18th, 1880, a man named John Sutter discovered gold in the hills of California. Within a few months, thousands of men were rushing to the state to stake their claim with the high hopes of making the big bucks with their gold.

This part of US history makes me proud because it helped us get to where we are today by raising small towns with the hopes of striking gold; those towns eventually were either deserted or grew into cities.

The Lady Liberty Dedication (October 28th, 1886) and Ellis Island Opening (December 31st, 1890

Ever since the American Revolution ended in 1783 and won our independence, many countries and cultures have admired us. Take the French for an example; they were so inspired that they'd gifted us a statue that we should know immediately... Yup! Good 'ol Lady Liberty! I'm proud of this because it shows that the American determination carried on from that time period and then some more. It also makes me happy to know that we've touched the lives of people throughout the world with that very idea of independence.

As well as the Statue of Liberty, four years later Ellis Island opened for business, allowing the start of America's Melting Pot, which is what it sounds like, and kinda not- it's the word for a mixture of races, cultures, and ethnics sharing their ideals and ways of life with each other, spreading the said ways to different people.

Lady Liberty

Ellis Island

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What "Lady Liberty" and Ellis Island Mean Today