Odell Beckham Jr.

Facts and info on Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham as a kid

Odell was born in Louisiana and stayed there for a long time. Odell as a kid played football and soccer he was one of the best when he played soccer and played 3 different positions in football. He played quarterback, runningback, and cornerback. Then he played in high chops at LSU and his room mate was Jarvis Landry and played on that college team too. Jarvis was Odell's best friend and they came out of college in the same year, just didn't go to the same team

Odell's catch

Odell had the best catch and it was a one handed catch. Now a lot of NFL players had one handed catches, but not one like this. He was leaning back and couldn't even see the ball and it was a touchdown. His best friend Jarvis Landry had a one handed catch but it wasn't the best catch. Now Odell practices showing of and catching one hand but he is still really good. He had a one hand catch against hhe bills and some other teams just not as good as his first one. He also had one in college and it was kind of good.
Odell Beckham makes catch of the year!
Odell Beckham Jr. Does it Again!!! "The One Handed Catch, Part Two" | Giants vs. Redskins | NFL
Odell Beckham Jr. Repeats the Amazing One-Handed Catch..Out of Bounds | Giants vs. Bills | NFL

Odell fight

Odell Beckham and josh Norman had a fight non stop in 2015. They kept punching and throwing each other and punched each other and grabbed each other's teeth. They were going at it all game and Odell dove head to head into him and got suspended for a game and josh Norman and Odell did it because they were both great players and competing and they did it for like no reason which didn't make sense.
Odell Beckham Jr. vs Josh Norman FULL FIGHT
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Odell and Jarvis

Odell Beckham Jr. And Jarvis Landry went to the same college, Louisiana State University. They were roommates and played the same position and we're both a big part of the team. They were best friends and always hung out and had fun. They were never mad at each other and never got in fights. They came out of the NFL 2014 draft at the same time. They went to differe teams and they went separate ways. Odell went to the Giants and Jarvis went to the Dolphins. They both had pretty good catches and are both superstars except Odell had the best catch in the NFL and Jarvis just gets one hand catches. They both catch one hand a lot and are both good, just Odell is better than Jarvis. Odell is more popular and they both have the same hair style. They are like brothers, technically, that's what they think.