Why Arbonne?

My decision to join Arbonne

My Why

When 2015 started I laid out three goals for myself, and I selected by one word for the year: BALANCE. My three goals were to improve my financial health, to improve my physical health, and to balance my work and family. Well, by April I had had a few missteps but I had a few successes too. Overall I wasn't too much better off than I was when I set my goals in Janaury. In fact, I was heading in the wrong direction. My financial situation was getting worse and I was considering finding a new job (which would mean less time with my family) or selling my house and moving to a condo (which would mean no more family dinners in our dining room or campfires around the fire pit). Neither prospect was appealing, in fact I was feeling more and more that I wanted to get back to working with students instead of working in school administration. But that seemed like an impossible dream, until I learned about Arbonne. Could I replace enough of my salary to get back to teaching? I was intrigued and a cautiously optimistic.

Learning How to Eat

For the last few months I have been reading and experimenting with Clean Eating. In March I followed the Arbonne 28 Day Detox and fell in love with the protein and supplements. I wasn't hungry, I felt great, and the scale started moving in the right direction. And I learned more in the 28 days about nutrition then I had in my 42 years. I was telling everyone who would listen (and some who didn't want to) about how great I felt and how amazing the products were. It wasn't long before my friends were wanting to try them. And not long after that I decided to jump into Arbonne and build a business based on sharing my success with and love of these amazing nutrition products. I am so excited for the future and what Arbonne is going to help me accomplish.