Heritage Elementary Badger Tracks

October 9, 2020

The Mission of the Bennington Public Schools is to provide educational opportunities in a safe, caring environment that will prepare all students to meet the challenges of the future.

Upcoming Events!

Oct. 13 Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:00-8:00 pm, virtual ONLY

Oct. 14 Early Dismissal 11:40 am

Oct. 14 Parent/Teacher Conferences, 2:00-8:00 pm, virtual ONLY

Oct. 15 Staff Inservice Day, no school for students

Oct. 16 No School

Oct. 28 Early Dismissal 11:40 am

Oct. 30 Halloween Parties, 1:30 - 3:00, staff and students ONLY

Multicultural Education Policy Invitation

Community Members,

Bennington Public Schools (BPS) is in the process of reviewing its Multicultural Education Policy (the District reviews all policies on a continuous basis). Students from the high school and middle school, teachers and administrators from the elementary, middle, and high school, district office administration, board members, and community members will make up the committee to review multicultural curriculum and activities at BPS. I am inviting Heritage Elementary school parents interested in being a part of this process to email me. It would require 10-15 hours of meetings, curriculum review, and policy auditing. If you have interest in joining this process, please reach out to me at the tnelson@bennps.org or 402-238-2095, by Friday, October 16.

Reminders for Arrival and Dismissal Times

-Kindergarten/1st grade students, siblings and carpool riders will drop off and pick up in the bottom loop.

- 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will drop off and pick up in the top loop, by the main entrance.

- Please have your car sign ready in the front car window so that your car can easily be identified by staff. This helps us to call for students and keep the car line moving safely. If you are in need of a car sign, please contact your child's teacher.

- Please pull all the way up and around the top of the loop, to the front of the car line. Staff will direct your student to your car. Do not stop in front of the main entrance as this holds up the line. Staff will direct you to move up in the line before sending your student to the car.

-Follow proper traffic procedures when dropping off and picking up students. Stop at all stop signs, do not park or sit in painted crossing walks, watch for students and staff crossing streets on campus and into the neighborhood, do not pull out and go around cars in the car line into oncoming traffic or in the car line, and wait your turn. Our priority is the safety of our students, staff and families and we appreciate you following these procedures to ensure that no one gets hurt.

-Parents are expected to stay in their cars in the car line. Parents are not allowed to congregate outside in front of the building to greet their child or walk up to the student’s classroom.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences and School Book Fair

Fall parent/teacher conferences will be held on Tuesday, 10/13, 4:00-8:00 pm and Wednesday, 10/14, 2:00-8:00 p.m. All conferences will be done virtually this fall to continue to allow for social distancing. Individual links for student conferences will be sent out today.

Links to the school website and book fair are shared below. You can also access a tutorial on how to use e-wallet on the school library website.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Heritage Elementary Library website

Click on this link to access the tutorial for using e-wallet and access the link to the school's book fair.

Halloween Parties and Parade - Oct. 30

We will be having our school wide Halloween parties and parade with following additional parameters in place!

  • The party and parade will be for students and staff ONLY.
  • No parents or volunteers will be allowed in the building.
  • Classroom teachers will be sending out links to their families asking families to donate items and treats that will be predetermined by the grade level team. Each grade level team may be different based on the age group, activity selected and teacher preferences.
  • There will be a recorded parade with a link that will be shared out to teachers and families for everyone to view. The parade will be indoors and follow social distancing guidelines.


In order to accommodate social distancing guidelines and recognizing that no volunteers are allowed to help students, the following costume guidelines are in place.

  • Students will not be able to change clothing to put on costumes. This means that all costumes must be able to go over the student's clothing.
  • Only masks are allowed. Masks should not be gory or have excessive blood.
  • Face painting is not allowed. Students who come to school with face painting on, will be asked to wash it off.
  • Accessories such as magic wands, etc. that the student would carry and not wear will not be allowed.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed.

Title I Parent Support and Engagement Information

The reading and math interventionists have created a slide deck full of Reading and Math Resources that are available for parents. Please click on the PDF below to learn more about Title I services.
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PTO News and Updates!

Please click here for the most updated PTO information!
Heritage Elementary Activity Calendar 2020-21

The activity calendar was updated on 10-6-20.

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High School Activity Information and Restrictions

The following information was shared to families of high school students, but wanted

our elementary families to be aware of activity/athletic information for the fall.

The following will be required in both Tier II and III.

• Attendance at all activities, for all levels, will be limited to essential personnel and

immediate family members of each participant only. If a venue is not able to hold

essential personnel and immediate family members of each participant, then there

will be no attendance at that activity.

• Face coverings are required for attendees of both indoor and outdoor events. If

outdoors you are able to maintain 6 feet distancing from others while watching a

contest, then a mask will not be required; however, everyone will still need a mask

in order to get into an event and for any movement during the event.

• Immediate Family is defined as parents/guardians and siblings as listed in our

SIMS Student Management System as of 8/17/20.

• Essential personnel - game players, coaches, sponsors, officials, event staff,

medical staff, security, media personnel.

• Any student who attends must be an immediate family member of a participant as

defined in SIMS.

• Families are expected to sit together for the duration of the contest. Seating ‘Pods”

for families will be marked by district personnel prior to all contests.

• Families are encouraged to enter an event as a group whenever possible. Please

wait for your entire family to arrive before entering if you can.

• We will look to live stream as many home varsity contests as possible through our

school’s YouTube channel.

Go Badgers!

Transportation Information

Bus Riders - BPS has a new app for parents to download called Ride360 for all bus riders. This is a fabulous tool to let you know bus stop location/times and it lets you know the exact time your child gets on/off the bus.

Bus Fees - The transportation department will be sending out invoices through My School Bucks in September. You will pay for transportation fees through the website.

Bus Passes - Lost bus passes cost $25 to replace. Please email or call the office to order a replacement bus pass if needed.

Sack Lunch Order Form

Click on the button to order a sack lunch for your student on early dismissal days. The next early dismissal day is Wednesday, Oct. 14 @ 11:40. Lunch orders must be completed by 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 14.

My School Bucks

Click on this button to pay for snack milk and add lunch money to your student's account.

NebSIS Family Account Link

Click on this button to access the NebSIS Family Link. This link will take you to the sign in page for student verification.

2020-21 School Calendar

Click on this button to access the district calendar.

October Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Click on this button to access the monthly breakfast/lunch menu.