First CRC Weekly News

Or almost weekly... Thursday, September 15th

Looking Forward

Dear First CRC family and friends,

A week ago I shared with you that 82 adults had signed up for Life Groups, inching closer to our goal of 100. Well, we've done it! 108 people have signed up for groups! Wow! That is more than 50% of our Sunday morning adult attendance who will be taking part in these weekly gatherings focused on 'Cultivating meaningful relationships centered on God's Word and prayer.' The response has been so positive, we encountered a 'problem' - our groups we're filling up. So we had to create a 9th group for people to join.

What's been the most exciting for me so far is the number of newcomers and guests already signed up for groups, getting plugged into the life of our church. Very exciting!

If you would like to take part in our Fall Life Groups, there's still time! You can do one of two things:

1. Wait until next Sunday to sign up in person at our Welcome Center, or

2. Sign up online anytime at:

Just click on the link and pick the group and night that works best for you and your schedule.


Gems and Cadets, Beth Moore Bible Study, Youth Group, Coffee Break, First Place and more started up this week and these ministries are now in full swing! If you or your children are involved in any of these ministries, be sure to give a big 'Thank you!' to the men and women who have devoted significant time and energy to make this possible.


Our new A/C unit is sitting comfortably in it's new home...on our roof! Hopefully there it will live out its days long into the 2040's...

This is good news seeing that Sunday is supposed to be over 100 degrees.

Thanks to Marlene VanderMoren for the photo!

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One thing you can look forward to every quarter is a G.C. update.

We got together at 5:30pm this past Monday for the first time as a Governing Council and adjourned at 8:45. A few 'nightly notables':

A) Financial Report - As you may already know from the 'Stewardship Report' given to you last Sunday, we reached 96% of our 2015-16 proposed budget (a shortfall of $36,700). All stewardship commitments are paid in full.

B) Staff Report - We now have more than 55 applicants for our 'Worship Director' position. Interviews are ongoing with myself and the W.D. search team. Stay tuned for more updates...

Please note that we will have a 'send off' for Denise next Sunday, September 25th after the AM service. There will be cake, coffee, and refreshments and we will honor Denise for her faithful service and dedication over the last 12+ years and share farewells to a dear sister in Christ.

C) Life Group Update - As mentioned above, 108 adults are signed up for groups.

D) Lead Pastor Reports - Governing Council will continue to monitor the overall health and well-being of the congregation via 'Guiding Principles' carried out by the Lead Pastor and Staff. These principles are guided by the Great Commission and the Mission and Vision of First Christian Reformed Church.


The "First CRC" softball team took on the undefeated "First Baptist Church" and won in dramatic fashion, 11-9! Congrats to the First CRC softball team!


On Friday, September 16th at 5:30pm, all are invited for a BBQ Kickoff for the Life Group ministry. There will not be any program, just an opportunity to enjoy marinated BBQ Tri-Tip (Mmm..), fun, and fellowship. Join us!

In Christ,

Pastor Justin