VCR Lesson 7

Rebecca Melaku

Fill in the Blank with the Most Appropriate Word from Lesson 7

The industrialized countries sent _____________ to the international conference on global warming.
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The Word

emissary (n.)

A person sent on a special mission.


  • envoy
  • ambassador
  • delegate
  • representative
  • messenger
  • agent


  • No exact antonyms, but anyone that sends an emissary could be considered one.

Classical Roots

mitto, mittere, misi, missum <L. "to send"

ex <L. "from," "out of"


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Etymology (Cont.)

  • Emissary emerged in the early 17th century from from Latin emissarius ‘scout, spy,’ and from emittere ‘send out’

Medical Science: Emissary Veins

Emissary neurons connect the veins outside the cranium to the venous sinuses inside the cranium. They drain from the scalp, through the skull, into the larger meningeal veins and dural venous sinuses.

Emissary veins have an important role in selective cooling of the head. They also serve as routes where infections are carried into the cranial cavity from the extracranial veins to the intracranial veins.

There are several types of emissary veins including posterior condyloid, mastoid, occipital, and parietal emissary veins.

Select the Letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly:

a. The emissary returned to the agency with information about the terrorist's plan to bomb the embassy.

b. Emissaries representing countries from all over the world attended Nelson Mandela's funeral.

c. Knowing that her father would say yes to me, my best friend sent me as an emissary to ask her father if she could attend my sleepover.

d. The emissary was very busy, so he sent someone to represent him at the city council meeting instead.

Yay! The correct answer is D.

An emissary is the person sent to carry out a mission, not the person who sends one.