Gliese 581 g

Aka: Kirro by M.S.

Why you should go to planet Gliese 581 g?

It has similar amount of sunlight from the sun of its solar system, just as earth. Also it is one of the other planets that looks just like earth that is consider to be in the habitable zone . Finally its the third or fifth planet in its own solar system.

The downsides of going to Gliese 581 g?

It is 20.3 light years away from earth and even if you have a spaceship that can go 0.1C. It will take you 203 years. Also the atmosphere of it is still unknown which means it could be extremely hot or cold, but models show it could be tropical. In addition it is possible that it is tidally locked, and that side is never pointing away from its sun. Gravity is 10% to 70% stronger than earth's gravity.

Facts about Gliese 581 g

Gliese 581 g

But there are ways we can overcome this.

We can send in probes to measure the temperature. Also send in probes to see if the side is continuously pointing to its sun. In addition due to gravity we have to make things weigh less.

Additional facts

If you are 15 on earth, you are 147 years old on Gliese 581 g. Also your weight is *3 of your weight on earth. In addition the value of "g" on the planet is 1,000,920,134.056131. Websites of pictures( 575*, 670*, 638*, 300*, 800*, 1662*1162-the review