Genesis G.

Introduction/ Paragraph 1

ROAR! What was that? That was one of the fearless cats of the Savannah. It also is an interesting animal. They only eat meat.

Paragraph 2

I will tell you the animals. It is a lion! In this paragraph I will tell you about what they eat. They eat all types of animals. They eat zebras, once they spot a zebra they try to sneak up on it. They eat guzzles after they start running after it. I mean guzzles are fast, but lions are faster. They also hunt down buffalo.

Paragraph 3

Lions travel in packs. There is one lion who is in charge always. The girls are called lioness and they follow the male around. They help the males catch food and look after the cubs. Once they catch food they have to feed the cubs and there self.

Paragraph 4

Finally lions live in the savannas. Savannahs are located in Africa and other places, and they are covered in grass. Lions hide in the tall grass to attack their prey. They also used it for shade in the heat of the day.

Paragraph 5

In conclusion lions have to eat something. They need to travel in packs to stay together, and they live in the savanna.